1,000-mile RI to MD Road Trip

1,000-mile RI to MD Road Trip


1,000-mile RI to MD Road Trip

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7 thoughts on “1,000-mile RI to MD Road Trip

  1. My wife and I traveled to Maryland this past weekend for a friend’s wedding party (they got hitched during COVID)/housewarming/baby shower. In all, we covered roughly 1,000 miles between Friday and Sunday.

    We used ABRP to plan our stops on the trip, and I paid the $5 to get it to work on CarPlay. We opted to follow its “many short stops” strategy, which said we’d need 3 stops of 10-15 minutes each to get there. On our way to the first charging stop, ABRP starting saying there was an x-minute faster route over and over and over again, so we ended up using it to find where we should charge, but stuck to Apple Maps for the actual navigation.

    We stayed Friday night in Baltimore. The Hotel Indigo has self-parking in a garage across the street ($13/night was shocking cheap compared to most hotels) and there are three J1772 chargers available for no additional cost.

    Other than the hotel, we used Electrify America for the entirety of the trip. There was an issue on our way home with an unresponsive charger in New Castle, DE that couldn’t be reset remotely. There were 5 others working nominally, but they were all in use; we had over 30% left in our battery, so we opted to travel up to the first EA in southern New Jersey. Other than that, charging via Electrify America was a breeze.

    I was excited to see all the different EVs on the road. By far, my fellow ID.4 drivers, Chevy Bolts, Hyundais Ionic 5 + Kona, and Kias EV6 + Niro we’re the most plentiful, but I saw a handful of Mercedes EQS and a few Rivian R1T.

    One last note, and not specifically related to EVs: after sitting in 90+ minutes of traffic (each way) trying to go around NYC, I don’t know how people live in that part of the world do it.

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