1000km – $5 cost to me

1000km – $5 cost to me


1000km – $5 cost to me

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Read it Too  Does anyone know what car this is?

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  1. I pay about 100 bucks in electricity for a 1000km range where I live. Only slightly cheaper than Diesel because our community effed up their contract with the electricity provider for next year.

  2. Car culture and how normalized car ownership is in North America makes people forget that the price at the gas pump is far from the only metric when it comes to transportation.

    Obviously, you meant 5$ for the charging exclusively, but let’s not forget that a car comes with monthly payments/lease, insurance, licensing, maintenance (mainly for ICEs), and more.

  3. Hey, OP, I wanna know your thoughts on your new car. This was one I considered as well, but I was a little turned off by a review of the sound system. What do you think about it? I know it’s not a major factor for most people, but I’m really into having quality speakers/sound. And you know, anything else you wanna share. 🙂 I still think of this one as a contender. I’m having the worst time making up my mind. Thanks!

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