Big, luxurious Cadillacs have been the brand’s bread and butter for decades. The XTS V-Sport is the next in the line of succession of big sedans. The average age of a Cadillac owner is 65. Despite their efforts to lower that age by introducing the ATS and redesigned CTS, Cadillac still needs to build cars for their core demographic.

Cutting edge technology highlights the the $65,415 Cadillac XTS both inside and out. The all digital instrument cluster wouldn’t look out of place on a starship. Radar cruise control, lane keep assistance, automatic forward and rearward braking as well as blind spot monitoring all exist to help the driver from crashing. Unlike in other vehicles with this technology, warnings for these systems vibrate the driver’s seat. If the driver strays towards the center line, the lane keep will vibrate the left side of the seat.

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