For the 2014 model year the Ford Fiesta brings several big improvements to the vehicle technologically, bringing it in line with other Ford vehicles. There is also, for the first time, a version that carries the “Sport Technologies” badge, meaning that it has to be a performer. I recently had the privilege of being able to test the Fiesta ST designed for the US (US-spec) in a variety of conditions, including a closed autocross course without the watchful eye of Ford looking overhead. I can tell you the vehicle is good. For someone looking at a small hatchback due to fuel economy, city size or other reasons, the Fiesta is a great vehicle to look at. If that same person values performance to go along with great fuel economy, I struggle to find another vehicle that will perform as well as the Fiesta ST.

Many of the world’s automotive press have had the opportunity to sample the European version of the Fiesta ST, but very few individuals have had an opportunity to drive one in US-spec. Fewer still have had the opportunity to do it without Ford’s direct supervision.

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