Ready for some good, high-resolution images of the freshly-announced 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350? Of course you are! Check out the images below! Also, if you haven’t heard the news about the new Mustang, check out our feature story with all the succulent details!

shelbygt350_01_hr-150x150-1970389 shelbygt350_20_hr-150x150-6293201 shelbygt350_24_hr-150x150-5510070 shelbygt350_12_hr-150x150-6450707 shelbygt350_28_hr-150x150-9640671 shelbygt350_04_hr-150x150-5487131 shelbygt350_23_hr-150x150-4033512 shelbygt350_21_hr-150x150-9066123

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