Nissan says there’s a “white space” in between full-size and heavy-duty trucks. They say buyers who find themselves in this space are stuck going a little smaller than they’d like, or paying for more truck than they really need to own. Enter the Nissan Titan XD and its mission to be the right-size truck in the middle.

(Editor’s Note and Full Disclosure: Nicole Wakelin is a contributor to The Boston Globe, BoldRide, BestRide, and the Director of Automotive Content for SheBuysCars. Her transportation, meals, and hotel were provided by Nissan for this review.)

On the outside, this thing is huge. We pulled up next to a Ram 2500 dually on the highway and other than those extra wheels, the difference was minimal. Sitting behind the wheel it feels the same way with a gigantic hood that makes you move that seat higher, and a little higher, and a little higher so you can see the road.

Its size is all heavy-duty, but the ride is definitely full-size. Park your butt on Nissan’s Zero-Gravity seats inspired by NASA and you and your butt will be happy. They’re supportive and comfortable with plenty of adjustability. The suspension also deserves mention for smoothing out the rough spots that would jar your spine in a heavy-duty truck.

We towed a 9,000-pound load uphill on the highway and carried a 2,000-pound payload to get a feel for how the truck would handle the weight. You know it’s there, but the Titan XD manages it without issues, never making you worry about staying in control.

The good folks at Nissan let us take the Pro-4X model off-road because they were out to prove that the Titan XD is up for anything. Climbing up steep hills, bouncing over rocks, and handling loose gravel, the truck proved Nissan right.

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Is the Titan XD your next new truck? Possibly. It’s not a full-size. It’s not a heavy-duty. It really is the just-right that Goldilocks found in that house in the woods. If you want a little more than the average full-size, but don’t need the heavy-duty and its high price tag, then the Titan XD is worth a look.

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