2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E2 – Under The Hood

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4 thoughts on “2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E2 – Under The Hood”
  1. As he said they moved a lot of stuff you would find under the instrument panel to under the hood. That’s a good thing in my book. Changing the Model 3 cabin filter, or getting to the e-tron passenger fusebox is a huge PITA. This looks dead easy.

  2. Sure is weird to basically hear “wasting weight on passenger safety is bizarre”

    In slightly more serious terms, this sounds very biased to me – they did make a choice by having a shorter front end, and it means more interior space but no frunk, especially with the advent of a front motor in the same chassis.
    But to put it next to a Tesla and just… compare it with no mention of that active decision looks a bit iffy.

    As for the weight of the hood, I’m fairly sure that’s just cost saving in action again. They’ve done the same with ICE models in the past.

  3. I wouldn’t mind room to store the level 1 charger up there, and maybe a few road flares but the obsession on ‘jumping’ an EV just seem strange. A ICE would probably do nothing for it, and you’d charge it through the normal port anyways…

  4. This video is a piece of art.

    1. He dismisses pedestrian safety measures and complains that they add weight. His solution: We just try not to hit them here in the US.

    2. He perfectly explains why it makes sense to use steel instead of aluminium in a mass market car to reduce costs and then ignores everything he just said and wonders why they didn’t use aluminum like (the much more expensive) Tesla.

    3. He of course complains about the missing frunk, not once talking about how this allows the hood to be shorter, allowing to make a more nimble car with more interior space. He then suggests that this is the “old ICE way” to build cars, despite the ID.4 being built from the ground up on a pure BEV platform where they actually took advantage of these new design freedoms it offers.

    And it’s actually the exact opposite, Teslas have a frunk because they are built to look like ICE cars with a long hood that could house a V8. Yet he (and ~90% of the Youtube comments) complain about that the ID.4 has no frunk and this is somehow proof that this isn’t a *proper* EV.

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