2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E3 – Hoist Review, Front and Rear Suspension

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9 thoughts on “2021 Volkswagen ID.4: E3 – Hoist Review, Front and Rear Suspension”
  1. This critique makes no sense. Cheap drum brakes are fine but a basic McPherson strut front suspension is not? The Golf/GTI/R uses a basic McPherson front suspension and it’s the metric for a good handling hot hatch. The ID4 isn’t a RWD sports car. It doesn’t need multi link front suspension.

  2. No big surprises.

    He seems to think any controversy over the read drum brakes is pointless.

    Critique of the front structure as over complicated and the rear suspension as probably too expensive is similar to his early criticism of the 2018 Model 3 as being overbuilt. I’m curious as to whether VW will simplify the design over the next year or so.

  3. They appear to be doing a lot of value engineering and it shows. Most of the stuff he mentioned so far isn’t really negative from a consumer point of view.
    Also always kind of amazing how cheap Teslas are in the US. He always mentions that the Model Y is almost the same price when it is basically 30% more than an Id.4 over here.

  4. As far as I can tell Munro commentary now boils down to:

    Tesla does something complex: Amazing engineering, that shows how much they know what they are doing

    Anyone else does something complex: That’s over engineered, I don’t understand why they do that

  5. > it doesn’t go as far

    I’m slowly but steadily getting sick of this EPA vs WLTP nonsense. A long range Model Y seems to have pretty much the same range as an ID4 from what I can tell under WLTP, the standard where no single company stands out with way better comparative results.

    I’m not surprised by over complicated designs, that’s an artifact from engine designs, requirements lists longer than a standard dictionary and most likely direct knowledge transfer from ICE platforms. What I am curious about is whether the overcomplicated front suspension has anything to do with the very short turning radius though.

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