2023 Ford mach-e now available to order

2023 Ford mach-e now available to order


2023 Ford mach-e now available to order

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  1. I work with utilities in EV, EVSE, and PV space and administering incentives is a huge part of that puzzle so I’ll shout into the ether for a moment. Ford and GM are supposed to be big winners of the manufacturing requirements in whole, but the treasury department will be posting either clearer criteria or a list of eligible vehicles by the end of the year (stipulated in the bill). Ford would be qualified via the NA manufacturing requirement and is still under the 200,000 cap (GM, Tesla, and Toyota are the three that broke that) but if delivery isn’t for 30 weeks they’re going to have to deal with the new battery and critical mineral requirements. I really think that given the uncertainty this isn’t saying they won’t qualify, just that they are showing the price not including any federal incentive as opposed to the more typical after incentive price being the prominent one

  2. OP, it probably hasn’t been updated to exclude the 2022 tax credit.

    Although I’m not sure if Ford had met their sales cap on the old tax credit.

    You are correct that no company has come forward to officially state if they meet the IRA tax credit requirements for 2023 and onwards. I believe the Mach-E is made in North America so it should satisfy that requirement but I do not know if they meet the materials requirements.

  3. I just don’t care for the 4 door mustang. I feel the 2 door mustang looks better but for some reason they didn’t announce a 2 door mustang and keep shoving the 4 door hatchback. Enough with the 4 door hatchback mustang already.

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