2023 Mini Cooper SE

2023 Mini Cooper SE


2023 Mini Cooper SE

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12 thoughts on “2023 Mini Cooper SE

  1. I love my 2020 so much that I ordered a 2023. People watch too many videos about the range and its massively underrated. I get around 225km 240km to a charge on my “normal” driving There was only so big of a pack that could be fitted in the existing platform

    After reading people’s commutes on here at 160km a day yea you would
    Need to charge more often. My commute is 28km a day

  2. Very nice. This is pretty much what I would be getting if it had more range (the green and black with as little chrome as possible). Love it.

  3. Great picture. I’m looking forward to Mini offering EV versions of their other models. An electric Clubman or Countryman would be on my list.

  4. This is very close to the 2023 I ordered that should hopefully arrive in <1 month! I got the green with the white strips 🙂

    Super excited to have a zippy, fun commuter car to extend the life of my tacoma.

  5. Once people drive an electric MINI, they will realize how fat and overweight existing EVs are. Cheaper LFP based EVs with 150 miles of range that are $25K-30K would push regular folk into EV hood.

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