2024 [Chevrolet] Equinox EV: An Affordable, Functional and Stylish EV

2024 [Chevrolet] Equinox EV: An Affordable, Functional and Stylish EV


2024 [Chevrolet] Equinox EV: An Affordable, Functional and Stylish EV

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30 thoughts on “2024 [Chevrolet] Equinox EV: An Affordable, Functional and Stylish EV

  1. The press release is kind of long, here are the highlights:

    * Ultium platform
    * No official starting price revealed, still targeting $30,000 for the 1LT model
    * LT and RS trims (no LS or Premier)
    * 210 HP, up to 300 miles of range for FWD models
    * 290 HP, up to 280 miles of range for AWD models
    * 11.5 kW L2 AC charging for most models, 19.2 kW L2 AC charging for 3RS (highest trim) models
    * 150 kW DCFC for all models
    * 17-inch infotainment screen standard on every model but the base 1LT
    * Super Cruise ADAS and 360 camera available on every model but the base 1LT


    EDIT: Thanks to @u/wal9000 for grabbing the trim comparison:


  2. I desperately need to see an Equinox EV next to a Blazer EV in the flesh. I have a Blazer reservation but since I’m not going for the SS, I think an Equinox RS might be a better deal

  3. I find myself wanting an RS for the dark badge/interior and level 2 AC upgrade, but I am really liking the LT’s white roof (lots of sun here). I wonder how flexible Chevy will be. Deposit going down asap, either way.

  4. I’m genuinely curious to know the added cost for the extended range in the 1LT. If it’s within $5,000 to do so (assuming that the base MSRP is $30,000), then I think the Equinox is a rather good deal. Given that GM is going to start producing batteries in the US, it is fairly safe to assume the Equinox will be eligible for the full $7,500 credit. $27,500 before taxes and destination fees sounds rather good for a crossover with 300 miles in range even if it’s a Chevrolet.

  5. Saw a Chevy Cruze hatchback the other day and it dawned on me what a great electric vehicle that car would make if US manufacturers would ever get over their SUV obsession. It’s just the right size/price range to be a customer’s first EV.

  6. Man, what a great car for the value. Can’t believe I care about this but I wonder if they have a trunk pass through for larger objects (for skis, etc). Huge reason why I’m thinking about the ID.4 over Ioniq 5, etc. One of the interior shots makes it look like maybe.

  7. Some major disappointments here.

    AWD is not standard, and it looks like even if you get AWD it will be heavily front biased, with a much more powerful front motor compared to the rear motor. Why would anyone buy an SUV without AWD? Just buy a Bolt if you don’t need AWD. The vehicle should have been designed around two equal power motors for all models.

    Maximum 1500 lb towing capacity. There are versions of the ICE Equinox with 3500 lb towing capacity. The AWD Equinox EV has more power and is almost certainly heavier than any ICE Equinox, and has regenerative braking so there should be no risk of brake overheating on long descents. Why is GM lowballing the tow rating?

    GM is being stingy with heated seats again. It looks like heated front seats will be standard in Canada, but buyers will need to go all the way to the 3RS to get heated rear seats, and Americans will need to upgrade to the 2LT to get any heated seats at all. Do they not realize that about 80% of the USA gets at least a little bit of cold weather and that heated seats are the most efficient way to keep the vehicle occupants warm?

    Giant wheels. 19 inch on the base model, and upgrading to get useful things (like heated rear seats) results in even bigger wheels. Big wheels are heavy (that hurts efficiency), the tires for them cost a fortune, and they are terrible on less than perfect pavement or on gravel roads (an SUV should be able to do some light off-roading, shouldn’t it?). I want 17 inch wheels on a vehicle that size, and the ability to fit 16s for winter.

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