2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Walkaround and Interior!

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Walkaround and Interior!


2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Walkaround and Interior!

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19 thoughts on “2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Walkaround and Interior!

  1. Best walkaround I’ve seen so far, with closeups on the interior, exterior, and multiple interviews with the interior/exterior design/engineering heads for the vehicle.

    Some details I haven’t heard elsewhere so far:

    * The handles pop-out when unlocked — they’re Ioniq 5 style, not Tesla Model 3 style.
    * The hands-free liftgate feature doesn’t require you to put your foot under the bumper or perform some other incantation — it will automatically respond just to your presence.
    * Wireless phone charging is standard across all trims, and there are two USB-C ports in both the front and back.
    * Regenerative braking is selectable with the paddles, like the Ioniq 5.
    * The daytime running lights show your charge progress in ten-percent increments, in a manner similar to the Hummer EV. (I’m guessing this is LT2 and above, based on the next detail.)
    * Trims above LT1 get special lighting with “finer control of the LEDs” for animations like walk away shutdown and signalling — base LT1 will get a simplified “fade on and fade off” approach.
    * With the seats folded down, there’s “about 57 and a half cubic feet of space” — a “couple cubic” feet less than the existing Equinox.
    * Aside from the headlights, there’s an LED in the dash (and visible from the outside) which will blink red, green, and blue to indicate charging status.
    * The car is “longer, lower, and wider” than the current Equinox.
    * Ambient lighting on the interior of the car is fully RGB, and ‘customizable’.

  2. Kind of wish when they would showcase these things, they’d have one with carseats in the back and carry on luggage in the trunk area to give a decent idea of what can fit instead of arbitrary numbers because slopes and all that kind of make that hard to interpret sometimes.

  3. Minor quibble. I hope the rear hatch opens higher in the production vehicle or that the presenter was really tall since it would be easy to hit your head on the open hatch. The hatch on my last vehicle opened about 2″ shorter than I am (6′ 0″) and hated that I had to duck down every time I put something in the back or hit my head. Current vehicle has plenty of room which is much nicer.

    Liking dash though.

  4. Nope never an Equinox. I owned an equinox a couple years ago and first the ac died within the first year, then the electrical system did random things where the vehicle would just turn off at a stop sign on its own. Both things were eventually fixed under warranty… but the ac never quite blew cold enough and so we sold that crappy car. Chevy can suck it.

  5. Reviewers need to realize what a vehicle platform is. The hummer isn’t built on the same platform as these new vehicles. Ultium isn’t a ‘platform’ in the typical usages of the word.

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