“I had the incredible opportunity to visit the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for the first time, and some of the stuff I witnessed, can’t be unseen. But some other stuff… WOW!”


(Editor’s Note: This post by Jerry Perez was originally posted on Life Is Poppin’, and is used here with permission. All photos are his, as well. Jerry’s travel, accommodations, and food was covered by Kia.)

The SEMA show takes place in Las Vegas every year and stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association. Hence all the aftermarket, crazy, far-out, bonkers, cool, and sometimes even ridiculous stuff. But exactly how crazy can these concepts get, you may ask?

Here’s your answer…

Photo Safari Kia Sedona Concept – TMZ Kim K. Chaser Van



The Kia Sedona is already the coolest and swankiest minivan on the market, but this concept boasts some crazy paparazzi tools that are bound to make TMZ quite jelly. Just imagine seeing this bad boy around Rodeo Drive with its seat sticking out the side with some photographer hanging on for dear life. Cool stuff, Kia — cool stuff.

Galpin Motorsports – Gulf Livery Ford Raptor Concept



As if the 2017 Ford raptor needed any extra goodies to make it cooler, Galpin Motorsports (whom also brought a Fisker Rocket) hit it out of the ballpark with this Baja-esque and super cool looking Raptor with the iconic Gulf Livery. If Steve McQueen drove a pick-up truck, this would most definitely be it!

The Sinister Sienna Concept



As I’ve mentioned before, the Sienna a.k.a “Swagger Wagon” is an excellent family-hauler, but exciting and cool — it’s not. Though I have a feeling that Toyota might have overcompensated a bit with this one, just look at it! With suicide doors, enormous tires and enough ground clearance to clear a Prius, I’m pretty sure I’d beg Toyota to let me take my kids to school in this thing! (Just once, please?)

2016 Malibu Red Line Concept



Perhaps a relatively “understated” concept when compared to the monster truck minivan, but this Malibu is still quite seductive nonetheless. The Chevy Malibu has for many years been an excellent family-sedan, but I’ve never, ever heard anyone say — man, that’s a sweet looking Malibu! Well, here you go! This Red Line Concept features some unique design queues that take the already cool 2016 Malibu to another level.

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Toyota Highlander – TRD SEMA Edition



Ever since we spent some time with the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, there’s been a soft spot in my heart for this super-efficient family ride. So when I came across this TRD Highlander at SEMA and got to explore all of its sweet modifications, it instantly became one of my favorites! It seems as my wish-list to Toyota will be rather long this Christmas…

Ford GT – LeMans Racer and Street Version



Last but not least, the concept that’s not really a concept. The Ford GT is definitely one of the most iconic cars in the history of racing, and I’m sure I speak for millions of people around the globe when I say that I can’t wait to see the final product! These two GT models stole the show and even warranted the visit of Mr. Chip Ganassi and Edsel Ford III to the Ford compound at SEMA.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring!

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