I’m excited about the idea of a new Honda S2000. I was an owner of the AP2 version, which made 237 horsepower from the 2.2L VTEC engine that revved to 8,250 RPM. No, it wasn’t the same shouty engine that came with the first-generation, but it still screamed. It still was an absolute joy to drive.

A replacement to that car just wouldn’t be as fun. Sure, Honda has a litany of engines they could use in the car, and it’ll surely be a performance machine, but it wouldn’t be a shouty car like the previous generation was. Turbocharged engines are great for passing emissions checks and making power, but they simply don’t rev as freely, or as high, as their naturally-aspirated counterparts.

Just take this Motor Trend video review of the new Acura NSX;

While technically brilliant, it doesn’t seem to be as fun to drive as the previous version. I’m afraid that’s what would happen to the S2000, too.

Of course, that’s assuming a new Honda S2000 even happens at all. Honda is on the record saying they want to build more fun cars, but they currently do not have a front-engine, rear-wheel drive platform to build the car on. That’d require some significant investment on their part, and a commitment to making a performance car. That’ll be the biggest challenge they face.

The renders do look pretty good, though. They have the same design language as the Acura NSX and other modern Honda and Acura products. I hope they do the car, and I hope they prove me wrong by building something generally fun to drive.

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I’m a S2000 faithful, and I want the next version of the car to be awesome.

via [Autocar via Modern Italian Car]

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