Added a MachE to the Stable

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27 thoughts on “Added a MachE to the Stable”
  1. After seven years with our 2012 Leaf SV – we’ve added our second EV – 2021 Select RWD Mach-E!!

    I’m surprised at the similarity in size!

  2. Really thought the Mach-E would be bigger…looks to be the same size just on bigger wheels. How is the backseat? Would a car-seat fit comfortably?

  3. Congrat on being a 2-EV family! That’s the dream right there.

    But mostly I upvoted for the horse reference.

  4. How’s the leaf’s range? No matter what I’m sure you’re enjoying the huge range boost that the Mach-e provides

  5. I really want to test drive one with a few other cars in this class. It looks great!

    Is it me, or is it wider than the Leaf?

  6. I don’t think I’ve seen a Mach-E in white before, but I’ve got to say it looks fantastic in that color.

  7. Just order premium extended range Awd, can’t wait to get it. Need to get rid of my tesla

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  9. Is that the space white? I just got the same color a week ago on my Premium RWD. Congrats, I’ve loved it so far

  10. Really cool but damn that ford looks ugly from the back, the front looks fine but the back is just a tiny bit better than an E-soul

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