After 2 years of researching, I finally bought an EV!

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16 thoughts on “After 2 years of researching, I finally bought an EV!”
  1. That’s a beauty! I bought a certified used 2017 Kia Soul and it is a great short distance daily driver. Mine averages about 100 miles per charge on a 27kwh battery pack if I’m not running the heater (winter range suffers some). I rarely drive more than 40 miles a day so it is more than adequate. If you have a fast charging network around your area then range anxiety becomes a non factor. I did the math and figured my ROI to be less than 4 years based on gas pump savings alone. Every time I drive my Soul EV I think about the $ I am saving. Plus it’s just a fun car to drive. Enjoy!

  2. I wish the EV Soul was sold in my state. I ended up getting a 2 year lease on a Nissan Leaf in hopes that by the time the lease is up there will be more EV options.

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  3. They’re great little EVs, much better IMO than the Leaf from the same time with battery cooling and 100kW charging capability.


    I’ve had mine just under 3 years but it’s leased and I have to decide whether to extend the lease now for another 12 months or change it for something else. It’s a hard decision as I could do with a bit more space but the Soul does an awful lot for the money.

  4. Ah, the cute Kia Soul. White seems to be its best colour too, with different colour highlights [I like the blue]. I see them quite a lot, as they are undoubtedly rather popular amongst a certain set of buyers. Must start looking at the drivers instead of the pretty car.

  5. We considered a soul too but decided on a Nissan Leaf. We couldn’t find anyone that would service a soul near us. Good luck and I hope you love it!

  6. I’ve got a 17 f150 with the 5.0 that sits most of the time while I drive my bolt ev. It’s awesome how little I spend on gas now but still have a truck to do truck things. Congrats on the purchase.

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