Why Electrify America chargers are so unreliable? I just watched [a video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR41-IS9HTU) or Porshe Taycan road trip and the amount of issues the guy has to deal with is ridiculous. Looks like every charger stop had problems. Over 1 minute long charger – car handshake? Is this charger vendor issues or EA not having enough staff or bad management?

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Read it Too  I found this video very informative about J1772

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3 thoughts on “Any EA employees here?”
  1. Kyle: “Maybe this car has weird software on it” (47:22).

    Every stop seems to be exaggerate. In a later video (Canonball) he says the non-standard software of his Taycan has a problem with chargers from one manufacturer.

  2. I know EA was funded with VW settlement money, but do they have an actual business plan? Like once the settlement money runs out will the money they make on charging be enough to support and maintain the system?

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