City cars are designed for urban dwellers. They tend to be small, fuel efficient and maximize available space. Some modern ones even have funky looks. Chevy dropped off their city car, the 2014 Spark, for me to take a look at. I might not live in a big city, but there are still some impressive qualities to General Motors’ smallest car. The Chevy Spark doesn’t have a lot of … [Read more…]

A luxury grand tourer needs to be a car that can shuttle passengers in absolute comfort all the way across the continent. By name alone, the Bentley Continental GT should be up to the task. I had the opportunity to sample their latest version: the 2014 Bentley Continental GT V8 S, at Columbus Bentley. After my time behind the wheel, I’m willing to admit that it might be the … [Read more…]


If you have a family, or need to haul a lot of things, you probably look at a sport utility vehicle (SUV) as your car of choice. Jeep markets the Patriot as the least expensive SUV on sale in the United States. Cheap and cheerful do not always go hand in hand when talking about cars, so does a cheap Jeep provide the unique ownership experience without sacrificing creature … [Read more…]

Chrysler recently spent $1 billion on a new assembly plant in Michigan and millions on a Super Bowl ad featuring Bob Dylan for the 2015 Chrysler 200 to try to convince you to buy one as your next car. But should it be your next family sedan? Chrysler invited us to Louisville to see how their new car compares. We had an opportunity to drive all the new versions of the 200, … [Read more…]

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The Toyota Corolla: a boring choice when looking at small, inexpensive family sedans, sure. Other vehicles, like the Ford Focus, can take a corner faster. But while the Corolla may not be the fun choice, it is the smart choice for someone looking at safety, fuel economy and reliability. During my week long test drive, I found four reasons the car might be right for just about … [Read more…]

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