Are memes okay here?

Are memes okay here?

Are memes okay here?

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40 thoughts on “Are memes okay here?

  1. My old shitty Peugeot 308 engine had one piston that leaked bad and had to order whole new engine for it, cost estimate was a bit over 9000$ including work.

    Glad it still had a bit of factory warranty left

  2. – battery replacements are about as frequent (aka rare) as engine replacements
    – batteries have anywhere from “quite a bit better” to “way way way better” warranties than engines/powertrains

  3. well if the engine didn’t damage the cylinder heads or the oil pan you could just replace the short-block instead. that would be cheaper and your not replacing the entire motor.

  4. You can find low mileage engines at junkyards, some with warranties. You have to the work yourself. This seems like a dumb argument either way, though, batteries and modern engines rarely have problems before 200,000 miles.

  5. The big difference is this 15k for a new engine is a high end V6 or better and only if you get a brand new one.
    The battery can cost this much on almost any EV unless you got a very small battery.

  6. My Subaru had gasket failure, the replacement basically involved rebuilding the engine at like 6k. Then the next year basically the other things fell apart and the estimate was 9k (breaks, struts, filters, etc). I think this is a legit meme – especially if you add up the costs of all the littler things ICE cars need.

  7. 1993 Saturn, I bought because it had a timing chain, one month after the 36-month warranty, the timing chain broke. $3500 for a new engine. Hated that car. I drove it 13 years until it was totaled by a deer. My wife’s car is a 2005 civic, still going strong. My truck is a 2015, with no problems. My biggest concern is will a battery last this long?

  8. A colleague ran over some debris on the highway in his model 3 and it hit the battery in some part that is apparently vulnerable. The mechanics told him it was a perfect head shot. Battery cost about $15,000 to replace. Oof.

  9. Just repair the battery….oh wait.

    No one is getting a dealer replacement for an engine that’s not in warranty, they’re either just fixing it or getting a junkyard pull for much less.

  10. People think that batteries are fuel tanks. They are not. Batteries are where chemical energy is converted to another form of energy, so they are both fuel tanks and engines. The electric motor is merely a gearbox really.

  11. A friend of mine had a V10 BMW M5 and said some sort of clip fell off of something, got into the oil, got into the engine, and destroyed it. $50,000

  12. You are told you need an engine replacement on a BMW? Not likely. They may have issues with coolant hoses cracking over time or valve covers that don’t perfectly mate with the gaskets, but in general their engines are built like tanks. There are MANY 10 and 20 year old BMWs still on the road, going strong. Most Teslas on the road are less than a year and a half old at this point.

  13. I put a new battery in my EV. Was 12k for 50kwh, but that included a lot of import fees and shipping costs. This essentially doubled the range. I could imagine that any engine replacement that does that much to the performance of a car would be over 10k too

  14. If ultium batteries really are the second coming of Christ that Chevy claims it is, I would pay several thousand to swap out a bolt’s battery for an ultium one. Presumably increased capacity and truly fast dcfc? Worth it

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