One of the frustrations of being a performance car fan and working at a new car dealership has always been reading about the new cars that are coming out well before being able to drive and experience them myself. Most of the time those darn auto journalists get to fly to exotic locations and drive the most amazing cars on legendary tracks, while us working stiff only get to … [Read more…]


Back in the dark days of the automotive industry, the folks at Cummins were working with Ram Trucks on a new engine to power their full-size pickup truck. They had most of the details worked out. It’d be a 5.0L V8 turbodiesel. It’d make a generous amount of torque. It would be a match made in heaven. Then Ram’s parent company went bankrupt. The bankruptcy killed the deal. … [Read more…]

Earlier this week, Nissan invited us to Columbus, Indiana to check out the Cummins Engine Plant that produces the 5.0L V8 turbodiesel that is in the 2016 Nissan Titan XD pickup truck. We took a few pictures of our plant tour, and thought we’d take a few moments to share them with you. The Cummins diesel for the Titan is a 5.0L V8 design, which is not the inline-6 that the … [Read more…]


We’re in the middle of a week-long loan from Ford for the 2015 Ford Flex. This 7-passenger station wagon has a lot of style, a lot of design, a lot of performance, and a lot of swagger. But I came to the realization earlier today that it’d also be on the list of cars I’d want to steal in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse. Here’s why. For starters, there’s a lot of space in … [Read more…]

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The new, mid-engine V8 Ferrari on the block is the Ferrari 488 GTB. For the first time in this type of application, Ferrari is using a turbocharged V8 instead of a high-strung, naturally aspirated version. As with all recent types of this car, there will be a convertible version. Here it is, the Ferrari 488 Spider: What do you think of this non-red Ferrari? It’s rare to … [Read more…]

Next Monday and Tuesday we’ll be in Columbus, Indiana to take a tour of the Cummins diesel plant there. We’ll be attending with Nissan, who has a new Titan pickup truck coming, and the XD model will be powered by a Cummins diesel engine. I know there’s a few diesel fans out there, and I’m looking for your input. Is there something specifically you’d like to see, or a … [Read more…]

Earlier today, Motor Authority reported that they had an inside source claiming that Dodge will discontinue HEMI engines by 2019. That doesn’t just mean the HEMI Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged V8, but ALL HEMI V8 engines. Obviously, people were shocked by the news. Dodge has been in the HEMI business since the dawn of time! Obviously, fuel economy and emissions are a concern, and … [Read more…]

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