This week marks the arrival of the 2014 LA Auto Show, which is the last big auto show of the year. While we aren’t going to be there in person this year, we will be providing around-the-clock coverage here on all the latest happenings at the auto show. Be sure to check out our special section devoted to the 2014 LA Auto Show for all the latest news, releases, and updates. … [Read more…]


This weeks marks the beginning of the 2014 Los Angeles International Auto Show, and while the worlds’ automotive journalists will be descending on southern California, you can catch some of the action live. If you’re interested in the offerings from Chrysler brand, you’re in luck. FCA will be broadcasting their press conference live on Wednesday, November 19th at 2:30pm … [Read more…]

Ask any enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that there are fewer and fewer sports cars available on the market. While the well-off seem to have plenty of options, from the award-winning Porsche 911 GT3 to the McLaren 650S (and even more choice in hypercars), there are fewer options in the more reasonable price ranges. BMW claims that the global recession in 2008, combined with SUV … [Read more…]

Now that Porsche has the fire issues worked out with the 991 version of the Porsche 911 GT3, it is free to start winning awards worldwide. One of the most recent awards, apart from being on the top five list of cars we’d buy, is the Road & Track Performance Car of the Year. It wasn’t a cut-and-dry choice either, as the GT3 faced off against the new Mustang, Camaro Z/28, … [Read more…]

Read it Too  Hydrolics on your Cybertruck. Credit unknown. #Cybertruck #spacex #space #falcon...

With all big car releases these days, the manufacturers make a big deal about every stage of the product launch. Today’s news from Dodge is great news for those who ordered a Challenger Hellcat and were waiting for them to ship; they’re on their way! So let’s get the car haulers, head to Canada, and cue the music! Regular 2015 Challengers, … [Read more…]

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