Lots of websites make lists of lots of cars. It’s a thing. Since this site hasn’t been online for the whole year, it seems wrong to make an official awards list. However, I’ve driven many cars this year for the various outlets I’ve worked for, and there are some cars I’d definitely want to take home. Does this mean that these cars are right for you? Probably not. There are many … [Read more…]

According to a report out of Road and Track, the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V is going to be a serious ass-kicking machine. We had always known that there’d be an ATS-V as competition for the BMW M3/M4 and the Mercedes-Benz C63, but now we know more than ever about this car. We definitely like what we see. The report cites that the Cadillac ATS-V will have a twin-turbo V6 under the … [Read more…]


There is a great deal of excitement around the mostly-aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck. Since the announcement back in January, Ford claims demand for the new truck is at a record high. It’s a big deal for Ford. They sell a new F-150 truck every 42 seconds, on average, so dramatically changing the truck is a big deal. Another big deal is converting the production … [Read more…]

Earlier today, released another teaser video in their line of teaser videos leading up to the launch of the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 on the 17th of this month. Let’s take a real, honest-to-goodness look at what we know, and don’t know, about this new car. What We Know: It has Michelin tires. Video number two clearly shows the Michelin man on the tires, meaning … [Read more…]

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UPDATE 11/17/14: Final video added announcing the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. UPDATE 11/13/14: Ford released video 4 out of 5 today. It is now included with this post. Titled simply Ford performance cars, there is a playlist on YouTube teasing some of the elements that have gone into the design and performance of the new Ford Mustang GT350 that will be unveiled on the 17th … [Read more…]

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