“If you lose the front on a car you go wide. If you lose the front on a motorbike, you crash.” – Casey Stoner. I was preparing for a long weekend in Arkansas, and my front tire was toast. There was no way it would hold up for the trip up there and back. Last thing I needed was worrying about my front tire during a much-needed moto getaway. Fortunately, a local shop had a … [Read more…]

Nissan says there’s a “white space” in between full-size and heavy-duty trucks. They say buyers who find themselves in this space are stuck going a little smaller than they’d like, or paying for more truck than they really need to own. Enter the Nissan Titan XD and its mission to be the right-size truck in the middle. (Editor’s Note and Full Disclosure: Nicole Wakelin is a … [Read more…]

During our recent press trip to Dearborn to hear Ford’s Mark Fields talk about the Ford Motor Company, along with their present and future plans, he mentioned that the company has “One foot in today, one foot in tomorrow.” It’s a great line and aptly describes where Ford is at. We choose to share that quote on our Twitter timeline, and received a hilarious response from … [Read more…]

I’m excited about the idea of a new Honda S2000. I was an owner of the AP2 version, which made 237 horsepower from the 2.2L VTEC engine that revved to 8,250 RPM. No, it wasn’t the same shouty engine that came with the first-generation, but it still screamed. It still was an absolute joy to drive. A replacement to that car just wouldn’t be as fun. Sure, Honda has a litany … [Read more…]

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We’re about to spend $305 billion on highways and roads that we don’t need. That $305 billion over the next 5 years is part of the recently passed federal transportation bill. A lot of that money is related to highways and road expansions. None of that is related to motorcycles. The bill has things for rail projects, ferries, logging roads, the Export-Import bank, and even a … [Read more…]


It’s nearing the end of the 2015 calendar year, which means it’s time for sales! But more importantly than that, it means it’s time for the new Star Wars movie! While I’m trying to not get too excited about the movie (we’ve been let down before), FCA is getting into the spirit of things with a slew of new commercials around the movie and their year-end clearance. Each of the … [Read more…]


As we near the end of the year, it’s common for websites to do “of the year” awards. We don’t necessarily do them here at Average Car Guy, per se, but we do like to highlight some stuff from over the year. One of the things we’d like to highlight in our first full-year in operation is the top performing posts and stories. So, we logged into Google Analytics and took a … [Read more…]

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