Some say that the iconic Jeep Wrangler, built in Toledo, Ohio, is the ultimate off-road vehicle. The Wrangler is also the king of special editions, including the Willys Wheeler we are reviewing here. But at $6,100 more than the price of a base Jeep Wrangler Sport, is the Willys Wheeler worth the upgrade? Read on to find out. (Full Disclosure: Jeep dropped off the Wrangler … [Read more…]

If you’re a fan on NASCAR, you probably are a fan of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. who drives the number 88 Diet Mountain Dew Chevrolet. Even if you aren’t a fan of him, you know who he is. Recently, come commercials have aired advertising Diet Dew and how it’s just as adventurous as regular Mountain Dew. If you’ve thought, “Man, I wish they made a real … [Read more…]


Have you ever imagined what it’d be like if a bunch of cars got together and revved their engines to the theme from Star Wars? Well imagine no more, faithful readers! In honor of the 2015 International Star Wars Day, FCA worked with the Detroit Symphony to make that happen in this video. For those who do not know what International Star Wars … [Read more…]


The Jeep Renegade is the brand’s latest attempt to compete in the red hot small crossover category. Jeep has been here before, with vehicles like the Compass and the Patriot, but this latest Jeep is unlike those vehicles in a lot of ways. But do these changes make it a competitive option, and do the changes make it worthy of the Jeep name on the hood? Read on to find … [Read more…]

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The Fiat 500X is the third type of vehicle offered in the United States from Fiat. Fiat’s return to the United States was heralded in by the introduction of the Fiat 500. Then, a larger, more family-friendly 500L came along. Now, we have the 500X. We just had an opportunity to drive it recently and we’re here to share our initial impressions. (Full Disclosure: Fiat wanted me … [Read more…]

If we haven’t made it clear yet, we’re really looking forward to the RS version of the 2016 Ford Focus. As part of the new Ford Performance division, the RS is going to be sold for the first time in the United States. With over 315 horsepower from a 2.3L EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, the car will be quick. A performance all-wheel drive setup will make it’s debut in the … [Read more…]


Some people have called it a “Raptor Fighter,” but the folks at Ram Trucks don’t want you to think of it as such. So what exactly is the 2015 Ram Rebel that debuted at the 2015 North American International Show? Here’s why it’s being made and why we think it’ll sell well. If you drive by any truck dealership in the midwest, you’ll often notice that there’ll be at least … [Read more…]

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