Awesome video on micro-EV’s

Awesome video on micro-EV’s

John is brilliant and gut-busting funny. He lays out a great argument for micro-EV’s for local transportation.


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Read it Too  Finally, the US government is trying to actually educate citizens on EVs instead of leaving it up to us and conspiracy theorists. Plus it has a great emissions calculator for your EV in your region. [Electric Vehicle Myths | US EPA]

One thought on “Awesome video on micro-EV’s

  1. While it is true that electric 2 wheelers are indeed much more environmentally friendly than giant EVs, especially the kinds you get here in the US, but the best example of 2 wheeled transport is not a hotrod scooter. These things are more toys than actual transportation.

    Look anywhere there is good electric 2 wheeler penetration and you are they are almost all scooters, since they are more comfortable and easier to ride, have some cargo capacity, and can even carry 2 in a pinch. And they don’t cost any more than this Mearth scooter.

    Hell for the same price you can get a Changli that seats 3 or 4 people, keeps out the rain, and can carry way more stuff.

    If we really want to convince large numbers of people to drive environmentally friendly transport, we should enact new regulations that carve out large swaths of urban and neighborhood areas that makes it easy for you to daily drive a low speed vehicle, and only use your large ICE car or EV for long journeys.

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