When you make the switch to a mobile phone that isn’t an iPhone, you’re often introduced to this amazing concept of wireless phone charging. Basically, you don’t need to plug your phone into an adapter to charge it; you just simply sit it on a pad. It’s become so popular that some cars even come with the charging mats integrated.

But what if you don’t have one of those cars? Maybe you’re looking for a car mount as well, so you can use Google Maps or easily get to your Pandora station? We purchased the iOttie earlier this year, and have been quite pleased with the performance.

Unlike some car mounts out there, this comes with a suction cup that really works. If you still need a more permanent solution, the stand can be affixed to the dash with an easily-removable pad. Unlike other mounts we’ve tried, it doesn’t use 3M adhesive to hold it to the dash.

Keeping your phone safe is important, and the iOttie does a great job at holding it in place. Since the sides of the mount adjust, it’ll take almost any sized phone. The beauty of the iOttie brand is that the phone locks in automatically with one touch of the phone. Unlocking it is almost as simple as locking it into place; you just press the two side buttons together.

In the holster portion of the mount contains the electronics to charge the iOttie. It comes with a connection that you plug into your car’s 12-volt plug, and you’re good to go. There’s even a LED on the back showing you that it’s charging properly.

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Downsides? It doesn’t seem to send as much juice to the phone as our home wireless charger. If we’re running the screen on, GPS running, and streaming Bluetooth, the phone will barely charge (but it won’t lose charge). We may experience with different plug-ins for the car to see if we can boost that output a bit.

Overall, we’ve been very happy with the not-consumer-focused-named iOttie HLCRIO132 Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Standard Car Mount Charger for Qi Enabled Devices, and would recommend it if you have a phone that can be wireless charged and you’re looking for a car mount!

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