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You might be thinking about staying in this Friday and avoiding the mad rush at the local shopping plaza, but if you’re in the market for a new car, this Black Friday might be the best time of the year to find your dream ride. In addition to it being a special shopping day, thus an excuse for manufacturers to offer extra incentives, but it’s also the end of the month. With the extreme cold most of the nation saw this month, sales might be down at your local dealership and they might be looking to move metal.

Chevrolet Black Friday Deals

Many Chevrolet vehicles are available at 0% APR and no payments until next year. In addition, they are offering an additional $1,000 holiday bonus on top of any additional offers.

Ford Black Friday Deals

In addition to their usual end-of-year promotions, for Black Friday Ford is offering up to a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card with the purchase of a new vehicle. If you read the fine print, you can apply that $1,000 towards the vehicle or take cash. But once you have the gift card, it cannot be redeemed for cash (like all gift cards).

Local Dealership Black Friday Deals

The best advice we have is check your local newspaper or shoot your local dealership an email. You’re probably thinking, “Then they’ll just harass me to purchase a car!” That’s why we like the email method, and only give them an email as a contact. If they want to make a sale they’ll still send you their deals without bugging you.

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Or Don’t Buy on Black Friday?

Maybe Black Friday isn’t a good time to buy a car? Car buying is an emotional process, and the extra stress of the day might put you in a vehicle that you eventually have buyer’s remorse for. Jalopnik has an interesting take on why you shouldn’t buy on Black Friday.

This is only a very small list of deals out there for the end-of-the-year. Check out the manufacturer of your choice’s website to see any special deals for your area. If you are going out this Friday to purchase a new ride, have fun and good luck!

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