Ask any enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that there are fewer and fewer sports cars available on the market. While the well-off seem to have plenty of options, from the award-winning Porsche 911 GT3 to the McLaren 650S (and even more choice in hypercars), there are fewer options in the more reasonable price ranges. BMW claims that the global recession in 2008, combined with SUV … [Read more…]

Lots of websites make lists of lots of cars. It’s a thing. Since this site hasn’t been online for the whole year, it seems wrong to make an official awards list. However, I’ve driven many cars this year for the various outlets I’ve worked for, and there are some cars I’d definitely want to take home. Does this mean that these cars are right for you? Probably not. There are many … [Read more…]

Raptoring is a term we use for anything that involves the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. That includes gratuitous jumping. In the sport of rally racing, jumping occurs pretty often by cars that really aren’t designed to get air, at least in their factory spec. But the folks in this BMW M3 take jumping to the extreme in a leap that would make even a Raptor cringe. Watch the video from … [Read more…]

BMW has a reputation for making small, fast cars. The BMW M3 has a reputation worldwide for being one of the best handling and driving sports cars on sale. The M235i is not a proper M car like the M3 or M4, but does handle well and has plenty of power to keep enthusiasts happy. The 2 Series is the smallest car BMW currently sells in the United States. Both the 228i and M235i … [Read more…]

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