BMW Group introduces Plug & Charge function

BMW Group introduces Plug & Charge function

BMW Group introduces Plug & Charge function

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8 thoughts on “BMW Group introduces Plug & Charge function

  1. >The BMW Group is the first car manufacturer to integrate a multi-contract functionality into its Plug&Charge offering. This allows customers to digitally store their current multiple charging contracts from at least five different providers in the vehicle and use the charging stations of these operators in a particularly convenient way.

    The way things are going, they’ll need to up that count from *five* to *fifty*.

  2. Should have been mandated in CCS spec.

    I see a comments about plug&charge not being all that necessary. Other than being cheaper because you don’t need credit card readers or screens which cost to put in and maintain, you don’t spend as much time in the weather. Granted it’s not a lot of time. But it’s often the difference between getting damp and soaked.

  3. “after connecting the charging cable, the customer only has to select and confirm the corresponding contract in the respective menu of the vehicle operating system to start the charging process.”


    If it’s truely a Plug&Charge experience, why is there a need to do this extra step of sepecting the corresponding contract? Shouldn’t the car and charging station automatically determine it in the background?

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