Bought my first EV!

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29 thoughts on “Bought my first EV!”
  1. This car really shows how far EVs have come over the last ten years. When this car came out in 2010 it cost €33,000. Today you can get the entry model ID.3 for €2.000 less, which has more than double the range, way better charging capabilities, and is overall a higher class car than this

    But still: Congrats. Every journey starts with a small step

  2. Hi everyone!

    I’m so excited, I couldn’t help but share this amazing news. The last two years I worked for a VW dealer and I became totally obsessed with EV’s. First the E-Golf and now the ID series. Sadly a (VW) EV is way too expensive for me because I’m just 20 years old and next year I’ll be going to university so I’ll have an even more limited budget. But then this car was traded in and I had to buy it.

    The car has a realistic 110 km range and it has only driven 12000 km. Originally when it was registered in 2016 it was a dealer car so they cared for it properly.

    The car doesn’t win any beauty prices and all my colleagues make “fun” of it because it’s not a VW and it kinda looks like a sized up microcar. But I don’t care, because I bought an EV and I love it!

    Oh yeah btw, It’s a Peugeot ION, a Mitsubishi I-Miev rebadge.

    Edit: additional info and spaces

  3. That’s awesome.

    It looks almost the same as my IMIEV.

    It’s a great car. A little silly looking but it grows on you. I get asked about it a lot here in NA.

    It sucks in the winter is about the only complaint besides the short range.

  4. Seeing it’s a Dutch plate and you’re off to uni soon, I think this will suit you just fine. It’s a whole lot cuter than my first car twenty years ago.
    Congrats on your first ev.

  5. Cool, I miss my i-MiEV. They were ridiculously expensive when they came out, but good second hand. Way more nippy and fun to drive than you would expect from the specifications.

    Hopefully with more of them in Europe you won’t have the same repair issues we had in Australia where no-one knows how to fix them.

    If you do have any issues check out the forum [http://myimiev.com/forum/](http://myimiev.com/forum/)

    There is a huge amount of knowledge there. Guys on the forum figured out how to fix the common charger fault by replacing a couple of capacitors, where mitsubishi australia took 7 months and a $4000 replacement on board charger to fix it on ours.

    There are people working on retrofitting bigger batteries now (AEVA forum), but it is quite tricky to get the onboard electronics to recognise the extra range.

  6. These things are such great value! Up here people like putting diesel heaters in them. It really helps out when it comes to livability during winter time.

  7. Careful, this car is a gateway drug to longer-range EVs. I started with a Nissan Leaf and ended up with a Chevrolet Bolt!

  8. Dude, for real, congrats on your first car and your first EV! As a lot of people will say, Uni gave me a LOT of happy memories and this car is going to be such a big part of that for you. It’s such a quirky looking car, people will definitely notice it and it’ll be one heck of an ice breaker, haha. Have fun, be safe, and study hard!

  9. There was a guy with an adventurous streak in one of the UK EV groups I subbed to that took one of the clones of this car all around the UK..It can rapid charge on a Chademo plug,right?

  10. Everyone hates how these look but I love them lmao. They’re different, I like that

  11. I love these things! iOn is the best value grocery-getter EV on the planet right now. Have a lot of fun with it 🙂


    Do you plan on taking roadtrips with it?

  12. My first car (took it to university) was a VW Fox. It smelled awful, dribbled oil, warning lights came on at strange times, started most of the time, leaked coolant, no abs brakes, no air bag, and two doors. So I’d say you’re doing quite nicely!

  13. I test drove one once, the turining radious was amazing, like I wasn’t sure the inside rear tire was turning it was so sharp. Anyhow was a fun little car and if it fits your needs it great.

  14. Great little car! You will enjoy driving it and never needing to go to a gas station. Charge at home whenever you can. (install a lvl 2 charger if you can)

    Once you go EV you cant go back. Im trying to get a E-Bike (motorcycle) to replace my dinosaur juice bike.

    Japan (where I live) is very slow at changing to EV tech. Hope to see some good cars and bikes come out of Japan in the next 2 or 3 years.

  15. Congrats OP! I still have my 2011 iMiev, and it’s awesome. I’m keeping it until it dies on me.

  16. Friends winding you up? Myan, you need some sick lowering springs and some 8″ wide BBS CH’s lol. Honestly that would be so many looking.

    Please do it.

  17. That’s too small to be an EV it’s more like an ev ;). Enjoy! You’ll never go back to one of those smelly cars.

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