I’m looking at a 30kw ZE0 which looks good but I’m unsure of what questions to ask the dealer to ensure I’m not getting a dud. Has anyone had any experience with this?

[This]( is the one I’m looking at.

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2 thoughts on “Buying a Lead ZE0”
  1. Battery seems to be in good condition (12/12 bars and an estimation of 200km at 94% looks healthy and good)
    Make sure the car has the chademo plug for DC charging (left bigger port under the charging flap if you stand in front of the car, should be standard in this model year though).
    Also check whether the car can charge around 3,3 or 6,6kw on AC (at least for the european model the latter would cost a bit extra back then).

    I guess the dealer doesn’t know too much about it if it isnt a nissan dealership that also does more EV stuff

    Edit: rather expensive for a 2017 leaf, or are these cars that expensive due to being imports?

  2. There was a battery software update for the 30 kwh battery models check to see if it was done. The original software made the battery look more degraded than it really was. The one you are looking at might not have had it done and that is why it has lost a battery bar.

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