I’ve had the rare pleasure of spending quite a few miles behind the wheel of both the 2015 F-150 and the 2015 Silverado. While we’re heading right into model year 2016, both models are staying quite similar even though the 2016 Silverado will have a retouched front grille and other mild changes. I was able to test out the 2015 F-150 at the press event they hosted in Texas, … [Read more…]


We’re in the middle of a week-long loan from Ford for the 2015 Ford Flex. This 7-passenger station wagon has a lot of style, a lot of design, a lot of performance, and a lot of swagger. But I came to the realization earlier today that it’d also be on the list of cars I’d want to steal in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse. Here’s why. For starters, there’s a lot of space in … [Read more…]


You might be thinking about staying in this Friday and avoiding the mad rush at the local shopping plaza, but if you’re in the market for a new car, this Black Friday might be the best time of the year to find your dream ride. In addition to it being a special shopping day, thus an excuse for manufacturers to offer extra incentives, but it’s also the end of the month. With the … [Read more…]


Last Friday, Ford unveiled the EPA fuel economy numbers on the 2015 F-150. The new F-150 is special because it’s the first truck to use aluminum extensively in production. Saving over 700 lbs of weight should surely help with fuel economy, and a new small 2.7L EcoBoost that was also introduced with the new truck will help even more. On a 4×2 truck with the 2.7L EcoBoost, the … [Read more…]

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The one thing that I love about working in the automotive journalism industry is being able to actually help people make real-world purchase decisions. It really isn’t about driving cool cars (though, I admit that’s fun). So I like the take the time to answer some questions that I receive. Here’s one of those. Mark wants to know if he should be looking at a loaded Ford … [Read more…]


A couple of weeks back, I was able to be one of the first people to drive the aluminum body 2015 Ford F-150 in San Antonio, and it is a considerable upgrade from the previous truck. The 2015, aside from the aluminum, has options that have never before been seen on a pickup truck from any manufacturer. Active lane keep assistance, radar cruise control, a 360 degree camera … [Read more…]

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