Can The Electric Grid Handle EV Charging?

Can The Electric Grid Handle EV Charging?

Can The Electric Grid Handle EV Charging?

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8 thoughts on “Can The Electric Grid Handle EV Charging?

  1. Yes.

    Typical charging puts little strain on the power grid.

    The majority of EV charging is done on level 2 chargers during off peak hours when the grid is not usually under heavy load anyways.

  2. Some of the shipper depots are going to be interesting. How are USPS or UPS or Fedex going to charge hundreds of BEV trucks every night simultaneously? Local mega-packs? Dedicated infrastructure?

  3. Reposting from the article comments. This is an anti-FUD angle I hadn’t thought of

    >Disqus user Human Machine writes:
    >There is a MUCH simpler way to explain this as well as mute the FUDSTERS.
    >over 500,000 new residential solar installs were completed last year. Installs grew by 30% YoY from 2020 (pandemic 2020…no surprise)
    >Each solar roof supports approx 3 EV’s added electricity demand. (8Kw system at us avg 4.5 hours of sun per day yearly avg vs 3.5 Kw per mile efficiency for EV and 40 miles/day use…. OR 36Kwhr production vs 3 EV’s using 12 Kwhrs each per day)
    >The US DID NOT have 1.5 million EV’s sold last year.
    >AKA the grid power EXPANDED in total production with JUST residential rooftop solar + vs new EV demand -….by a LOT.

  4. Can the current grid handle the current load of EVs? Yes (by definition; people wouldn’t buy EVs if they couldn’t charge). (The recent high-profile reports of “Please don’t charge your EVs due to stress on the grid.” are disingenuous IMHO. Those warnings ALSO said to not use your A/C – funny how that never got mentioned in the please-don’t-charge articles. The warnings also said don’t charge or run A/C in the afternoon – when EVs aren’t charged – and A/C **is** used. Telling people to not use A/C is boring and not newsworthy. But telling people not to charge EVs – that’s worthy of high profile reporting!)

    Could the current grid handle it if everyone switched to EVs tomorrow? I presume not. Just as:

    * If we all switched to diesel vehicles tomorrow the diesel infrastructure couldn’t handle it.
    * If we all switched to natural gas dryers tomorrow the natural gas infrastructure couldn’t handle it.
    * If we all switched to burning candles for light tomorrow the candle infrastructure couldn’t handle it.

    Will the grid evolve as EV adoption evolves? Absolutely. If it doesn’t, EV sales will drop off. People will only buy if they’re confident they can charge. It’s a self-correcting, upward-spiral ecosystem: As EVs get popular the grid will be improved. As the grid improves EVs become more popular. And so on and so on.

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