Canada comes second last in global ranking on EV “readiness”

Canada comes second last in global ranking on EV “readiness”

Canada comes second last in global ranking on EV “readiness”

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24 thoughts on “Canada comes second last in global ranking on EV “readiness”

  1. There are a lot of comments here about being surprised that China is number 1 ahead of Norway and questioning why these particular 14 countries were chosen. I would suggest having a look at the highlights of thw report which can be found at

    The key points are that the structure of the study includes production of both vehicles and the materials for production. This boosts China enormously as it has 122/200 lithium giga factories in the world, and as we know, massive production of EVs compared to most others.

    The writers of the report claim that these 14 countries account for 75% of all demand for EVs and I’m sure they would be the first to say that they would prefer to have many more countries included in the index. I certainly think the headline from OPs article is somewhat dumb, but it makes the point that from these leading EV countries, Canada is among the weakest. But I suppose MOIWYW.

  2. The EV situation in Canada varies a lot from one province to another.

    They quite are ubiquitous in Quebec and British Columbia, but even in oil country Alberta it won’t take more than a few minutes on the highway to see one.

    Even remote places like the NWT have announced funding the electrify their highways with fast chargers, and we can Mach-e, Spark, Bolt, SoulEv, and Teslas. I’ve even seen a Kona EV who did the trip to Yellowknife from Quebec.

  3. The EV situation in Canada is quite bad, but it’s improving with recent announcements by various companies in investing in EV production as well as resource mining and production for batteries.

    This also doesn’t get talked about enough in this sub, but public transit is a critical part of the EV world. In fact the vast majority of EV consumers in the world today are public transit riders, not car owners.

    Canada is getting quite a lot of transit development. Fully electric rail systems are being built out throughout the country, and battery electric bus adoption is also beginning, with several cities ordering test run EV buses in 2021 and this year. They’re already in experimental test run service, with formal adoption and total transition plans likely to be set in stone in the next few years.

  4. Seems to be the top 14 countries by GDP but with Norway and Sweden bumping out the bottom two because they’re EV heavy countries for the subject. The US has the same GDP has number 5-14 put together, you’d probably need the next 30-40 down the list to equate to that figure again

  5. As a Canadian one thing I think is being missed is that the average Canadian doesn’t have a lot of buying power atm. The main concerns of the general public right now is the rising food, natural gas and housing prices. Which you could argue doesn’t really matter that much since the demand for EVs vastly outweighs the supply at the moment, but I feel like once supply catches up, this will become a more important factor. Then again if a surplus of supply every comes then the prices would probably drop enough for people to feel they can afford it.

  6. Germany ranked 4th in EV readiness? I drive an EV in germany since last year. We have maybe 2 public chargers per town. You need some luck to find a fast charger on the Autobahn that isn’t either in use or broken. I mean, I don’t mind since I can get away almost exclusively charging at home but I really don’t want to know how bad the situation is elsewhere if that qualifies for 4th rank.

  7. Canada has a lot of disadvantages for EV adoption. One thing that we do have, however, is home charging infrastructure for apartments. Many parking lots have power to each stall because we need to plug our cars in to keep them warm in the winter.

  8. Due to recent leadership not leading towards EV adoption: US is in 6th.

    Hopefully we will get a national plug standard and coordinate charging locations and move up. Or we can spend a ton of money in the IRA for little progress and brag about it.

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