CCS-to-Tesla Adapter now available in US

CCS-to-Tesla Adapter now available in US

CCS-to-Tesla Adapter now available in US

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25 thoughts on “CCS-to-Tesla Adapter now available in US

  1. We have the adapter and while I will use EA when it’s convenient, my wife doesn’t want to deal with the app so she will prefer superchargers. The price difference is enough for me, not for her 😂😂

  2. After signing in to check eligibility:

    > This accessory requires a retrofit. Check back in early 2023 for availability.


    (I have a June 2020 build Model 3 SR+)

  3. While I think it’s great that there will be more charging options as a whole, I do have to wonder how much congestion this will make at current CCS chargers due to the price difference between Supercharging and the likes of EA or EVgo. Those with CCS don’t have the ability yet (in the US) to use Tesla’s chargers. Would have been nice if they introduced both adaptors (Tesla to CCS and CCS to Tesla) at the same time.

    Overall a positive thing, but until Tesla opens their network up to more EVs in the US, the only benefit is to Tesla vehicles and owners that have the ability to charge at CCS stations. We still don’t have a solid timeline on when Tesla will open their Superchargers to other EVs or what that will look like with any certainty.

  4. I find it funny that there are people who are concerned that Tesla cars will overflow the usage of EA chargers with this adapter, yet there’s also the opposite that people want the Tesla SC to be open to everyone, as well.

    I’m probably buying one of these as a just in case scenario, and more options for everyone the better (including being able to access the SC network).

  5. Legislation really needs to introduce laws to make *all* charging stations as open as regular gas stations. Access for all car brands, one single charging standard, direct payment.

    Fuck all car brand exclusive charging locations and the need for adapters and apps.

  6. I want this so badly for my Model X, but I’m guessing that the retrofit pricing is not going to be very affordable. I’ll stick with my chademo adapter for the time being.

  7. > This accessory requires a retrofit. Check back in early 2023 for availability.

    I have a 2014 Model S. I am amazed they’re offering retrofit. I thought for sure this would be a “sorry, this vehicle isn’t eligible at all.”

    Now, what’s the over/under on retrofit price? I’m guessing $3000.

    Edit: Upping my price guess to $5000. There is a company in Europe that offers a CHAdeMO-to-CCS conversion service for Nissan Leaf/e-NV200 vehicles for € 2990. No way will Tesla be cheaper than that.

  8. This is awesome for me, I already rely on my provincial DC charger network, even though it’s slow and small, because there simply aren’t enough superchargers in and between towns up where I’m from.

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