Chargepoint Home Flex Installation Question

Chargepoint Home Flex Installation Question

Chargepoint Home Flex Installation Question

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3 thoughts on “Chargepoint Home Flex Installation Question

  1. I already have a NEMA 14-50 outlet that’s using a charger provided by Chevy for my Bolt. Do I really need an electrician to put this together, or is this a warning for people who don’t currently have a NEMA connection or what am I missing?

  2. All you should need to do is bolt the thing to the wall. No reason to involve an electrician. Just be VERY careful when plugging it in. If you touch those prongs, there’s a pretty good chance it could kill you.

  3. The only way to screw up this install is to completely ignore the wiring labels on the charge cable when you attach it to the charger. I liked the flip connections that they do use to connect the charge cable to the charger. No screws to loosen up over time, spring loaded little clamps.

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