Charging four EVs at home at once

Charging four EVs at home at once

The two JuiceBox 40s are our normal connections – they’re each plugged in to a NEMA 14-50 outlet – the two outlets are sharing a single 60A circuit using JuiceBox load sharing. Plugged Tesla into TT-30 outlet to top off, figured I should plug the Arcimoto in, too – just because.

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32 thoughts on “Charging four EVs at home at once

  1. Not directly pictured: the two e-bicycles and their charging bricks, and the yard equipment and their battery charger. (It’s next to the stack of batteries, not visible behind the Rivian.)

  2. And before anyone asks – the two JuiceBoxes on one 60 Amp circuit *shouldn’t* pass code, but the permit issuer and inspector both signed off that with the JuiceBoxes’ load-sharing, they were fine as long as each outlet and the inside of the breaker box all have “for load shared EV charging only” labels.

  3. I saw the headline and thought “oh this Redditor had better have some JuiceBoxes”. The power sharing is a killer feature that really starts to shine with a multi-EV household. That and being able to restrict charging based upon costs.

  4. Fellow Pdx resident here, and I’ve definitely seen your Rivian around a few times! Ever charge at electric island in overlook?

    Edit- and a Timbers fan! I’ve for sure seen your Rivian when I’ve left a game.

  5. You should get solar if you don’t already especially with all these car costs. Also if you are in the USA, I believe there’s a $4000 tax credit for used EVs next year. It might make sense to hold off until next year and the value of that car will go up. (Reddit app wouldn’t let me expand texts so ignore if you said you weren’t usa).

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