Now that the embargo is lifted on reviews for the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, all of the buff books’ articles are out. Also out is Motor Trend’s latest episode of Ignition, with Carlos Lago driving the new Z06 Corvette Road Atlanta and putting it through their standard performance testing. The numbers are amazing.The manual-equipped Z06 is the slowest of the two … [Read more…]


Even though the 2014 LA Auto Show media days are over, the actual show is just beginning! If you are heading out to check out the latest and greatest, or you missed some of the coverage, here are some of our favorites from this year’s show! Let us know in the comments what your favorites were!2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 With over 500 horsepower on tap, the new Shelby … [Read more…]

Any time we talk about off-road trucks here, we have to mention the famous Ford Raptor. Competition has come along, including the TRD Pro Tundra and the Ram Power Wagon, but we still have a soft-spot for the Ford. Now, General Motors is trying to pull at our heart strings with the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 concept. Based on what we’ve seen at the 2014 LA Auto Show, we really want … [Read more…]

Recently, I had a chance to spend a week in the 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack. During my time behind the wheel, I solicited the opinions of friends and colleagues. One of my friends asked for a ride, and invited his son along for the experience. I was more than happy to oblige; it’s important for kids to experience awesome cars when they’re young. It gets them … [Read more…]

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In a recent YouTube video, Chevrolet showed off a new advertisement for their Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck. It’s titled Focus Groups: You Know You Want a Truck. The premise is that Chevy brought in groups of people and showed them a two different pictures. In each picture, the same man was featured. However, in one picture there was a Toyota Corolla and in the other was the … [Read more…]

By now, you’ve surely heard about the post-game ceremony where Chevrolet regional zone manager Rikk Wilde presented World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner the keys to a new Chevy Colorado. To say he struggled through the speech would be an understatement, and I definitely feel for the guy. During his presentation, he referred to the Colorado as having the latest technology and … [Read more…]

The 2014 Chevy SS follows a very simple formula. It’s a large family sedan with rear-wheel drive and a massive V8 engine. Powered by a 6.2L V8 that used to reside in a Corvette, the 415 hp Chevy SS tries to bring the soul of a muscle car to the everyday sedan. Have they succeeded? We took one for a test drive to find out.The SS looks very unassuming. That’s not to say it’s … [Read more…]

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