In a recent YouTube video, Chevrolet showed off a new advertisement for their Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck. It’s titled Focus Groups: You Know You Want a Truck. The premise is that Chevy brought in groups of people and showed them a two different pictures. In each picture, the same man was featured. However, in one picture there was a Toyota Corolla and in the other was the new Chevy Colorado. The focus groups were then asked a series of questions.

The results? Truck guys are 85% more handsome. 76% more resourceful. They are also 100% more likely to have an awesome pet.

There is definitely some humor behind this video. Bringing in a group of kids and asking them who has the better pet is definitely fun to watch. A quick perusing of the comments on the video suggest that putting anyone in front of a Toyota Corolla would make the other person look infinitely better.

In addition to the #TechnologyAndStuff meme that Chevy wholeheartedly embraced, the Colorado public media launch is off to a great start. What else do they have in store? And, you know you want a truck, right?

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