Rumors are getting stronger and stronger that Chevrolet is working on a $30,000-ish, fully-electric, sedan that would debut as a 2017 model. This would put it in competition with the Tesla Model 3, also a smaller and less expensive EV. But Chevy has built electric cars before, would a vehicle like this be as popular as the Tesla is?

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is improving, making purchasing an EV for everyday use a bit more feasible. Tesla’s Supercharger network is littered across the country, allowing Tesla drivers to charge up for free. But with gas prices low, at least for the time being, electric vehicles lose some of their appeal.

Also, Tesla is a bit like Apple of the automotive world. They sell a premium product, and even if it isn’t that much better than other things on the market, people will still gravitate towards the Tesla. For the Chevrolet Bolt to be successful, General Motors needs to find a way to make it sexy or appealing.

Hopefully we’ll see the car and learn more about it at this week’s North American International Auto Show. I want to see increasing competition in the affordable EV market. Compared to what’s currently offered at this price point, a 200 mile range EV would be a significant improvement over what’s currently available. Until we hear more from GM, though, it’s all speculation and conjecture.

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