The all-new Chrysler 200 launched back in January to much fanfare as the company reinvented their mid-sized car offering. In a segment that is crowded with the best of the best, the new 200 has very strong competition. We’ve already driven it a few times, and can safely say it’s a fantastic car (and we’ll be getting one in for a full review very shortly). But it’s also important to make the public aware of the car so they know to hit up the Chrysler dealership when they go out new car shopping. To that end, the company has launched three (will eventually be four) new commercials. The premise? They are commercials that would air in foreign markets, showcasing how the car is a foreign-made vehicle. The commercials even have subtitles. Chrysler is using a little humor in these. So far, we approve. Check out the three, entitled “Japanese Quality,” “German Performance — Autobahn,” and “German Performance — Three Times” below.

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