Cleaning up after Electric car fire

Cleaning up after Electric car fire

Yesterday a BMW Electric car turned into my works parking lot because it was smoking. When they parked it and got out it caught on fire! Burned up good, the fire dept put it out but it hasn’t been picked up by a tow truck yet. The fire dept said the tow truck would handle cleaning up parts and whatnot, which I do not believe. Are there any other risks related to a car battery fire? Is there hazardous waste that will need cleaning up? Will it have damaged the asphalt? Should I deal with the driver or their insurance company? Electric cars are so new I’m clueless here….

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  1. I do not think that was a battery fire. Because of the way the i3 is marketed in the US, the range extender tends to get abused, and that is where most fires come from on this car. I could be wrong, but did you see strong venting? Were there jets of flame that seemed to be driven by blasts of gaseous materials? If not, and the firemen left fairly soon after knocking the fire down, I don’t think the batteries were involved directly.

  2. As others have mentioned, that is an i3 so (regardless of if the battery kicked it off,) as far as asphalt damage you might want to worry about oil, brake fluid, or burning gasoline.

    The primary worry with an intense heat source on asphalt would be crack formation, which could allow potholes to form quickly, especially if it is in a high traffic area. (There’s a whole lot that can be said about this, involving water infiltration through the crack, pump and flush action of underlayment sand up through the crack causing subsidence, etc.)

    Then you have to worry about damage from the fluids themselves. Various automotive fluids can weaken asphalt directly, again leading to ease of water infiltration and direct carrying capacity of fluids for underlayment sand and such up and out. Someday if you at a Walmart, note that the forward area of parking spots, which don’t really get much direct tire contact, often have potholes and such from oil leaks from cars.

    You could have a contractor look at the area. They would probably do a quick look for free and could advise you how they would go about structuring the repair quote and such for an insurance claim.

    You may be able to have your own insurance abrogate or something.

  3. Don’t you have insurance? Deal with your insurance company. They will handle the details with the BMW owner’s insurance. Nothing about an EV changes the way you deal with insurance.

    If by chance you are not insured, you’ll have to do all the work yourself. Start with the BMW owner’s insurance company but expect it to drag out.

  4. LOL, electric cars are not new, just the perception.

    The original Prius was close enough to EV tech, just needed a plug and charger. Over 20 years of electric power. All that has happened is the ICE (another fire source) has been removed to get rid of pollution. Unfortunately Toyota made so much off the hybrids they lost their way.

    That being said, the battery chemistry has changed so fires can be harder to put out.

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