Hello! Have you ever fancied yourself an automotive writer and were looking to get your feet wet? Well, we might just have the right opportunity for you. But first, if you’re reading this, there’s one thing you should know…

This is for entry-level contributors with little to no experience. This is not for seasoned professionals who already have many other outlets. Why? Because unfortunately this is an unpaid position.

So why would you want an unpaid writing position? Well, the obvious answer is exposure. And we’re not just referring to exposure with readers, but exposure to people within the automotive industry. Many people at many different manufacturers read the content on this site.

Since it’s an unpaid position, we don’t expect a huge commitment from you. While you would be free to contribute as much as you want, our only minimum requirement would be one post every two weeks. The post might be a topic assigned by the editorial staff, or it could be something based on a topic you submit.

You can live anywhere in the world, but the site’s language is English and all written and verbal communications will be in English.

If, after knowing all of this, you’re still interested in potentially joining our team, please fill out the application below.

Required: Please attach at least one writing sample in PDF or Microsoft Word format about any automotive topic you wish, with a length of approximately 300 words. This will help the staff gauge your writing level.

Also, all fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

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