Cupra Born ready for delivery

Cupra Born ready for delivery

Cupra Born ready for delivery

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18 thoughts on “Cupra Born ready for delivery

  1. As a European currently living in Canada, it really sucks that all those stylish, small/medium size European electric cars don’t hit the North American market.

    It’s a missed opportunity and we lack the electric car diversity here.

    But hey, we can buy big ass Hummers/F150 Lightings! It’s so stupid…

  2. We’ve had ours since March. We are in Spain though. Worked out cheaper than the ID3 for the same spec with better finish. 9000 kms in, it’s been great so far doing regular 1000km round trips.

  3. I saw a title and was like “Be it Poland, and I’m looking for a black one!” to bad!

    Still pretty cool, one of best looking EVs currently even though I find default colour hideous.

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