Daimler-backed Farasis Energy unveils new “Super Pouch” solution

Daimler-backed Farasis Energy unveils new “Super Pouch” solution


Daimler-backed Farasis Energy unveils new “Super Pouch” solution

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2 thoughts on “Daimler-backed Farasis Energy unveils new “Super Pouch” solution

  1. >The battery system under SPS allows semi-solid-state pouch cells to be integrated directly into the chassis, improving the system packaging efficiency to 75%, and reducing the system components and materials cost by 50% and 33%, respectively.
    >By virtue of the liquid cooling plate and uniform temperature controlling, the heat dissipation efficiency of the battery system is increased by 4 times and the cycle life exceeds 3,000 times.
    >Compared to the 4680 battery pack, the SPS packaging efficiency is lifted by 12%, cycle life is tripled, and the thermal conductivity is increased by 60%.
    >In addition, the company noted the volume production of the SPS’ pouch cells can help reduce the equipment investment by 50%, the plant area by 60%, the manufacturing energy consumption by 35%, and the production expense by 30%.

    Very similar performance figures to CATL’s Qilin, tbh, but with some additional claims in regards to investment and production expense, which are quite interesting.

    I’m curious to see how they’re maintaining structure within the pack, or whether the pack is capable of acting as a structural element at all.

  2. > Notably, Farasis Energy has developed a direct lithium battery recycling technology, which enables the crystal structure of battery cathode materials to be retained and reused, so that the materials utilization can be improved to over 99%.

    This one is great if true!

    Recycling of batteries should be more pushed by law makers. Make it mandatory.

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