Day 1: Onto car subscription (UK)

Day 1: Onto car subscription (UK)

As I haven’t seen many posts around Onto on this sub I have decided to take it upon myself to write a series of reviews as I am going for this option.

If you are unaware what Onto is here is the marketing line: ” Your Car, Your Rules. No Long Term Commitment And All Inclusive Electric Car Subscription.” What this basically means is that you pay a single fee per month that covers almost everything. Here is what it covers:

* Insurance (£1000 excess, although can be reduced to £350 or alternatively can get Insurance4CarHire that would pay back the £1000 after the claim has finished)
* Charging (3 charge cards for public networks specifically: BP Pulse, Shell Recharge and Instavolt)
* Servicing
* Breakdown Cover
* Road Tax (Although right now EVs pay £0)
* 750 Miles per month

It should be noted that there are things that are not covered (Information is available on the [website](

So now onto the review… The ordering process was very simple and easy, I just selected the car (Peugeot e-2008), colour (Vertigo Blue) and date I wanted delivery (2022/09/26). The delivery cost was £99.50 which considering it’s a car isn’t too bad. You pay for half of the total cost on purchase and then the remainder \~7 days before delivery.

On the day before delivery I was sent a notification (as expected) informing me that delivery would happen between 9:00 – 17:00 and that I would receive a call from the delivery driver close to the time of delivery.

On the day of delivery I received a call at 11:45 from the 3rd party delivery driver confirming delivery will be around 14:00.

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At around 13:50 I saw the car driving up to the front of the house and went outside to greet the delivery driver and take ownership of the car. They took a bunch of pictures to ensure it was of standard (I also took pictures) and then handed over the keys to me and left walking to the next car pickup and drop off.

The car arrived factory new with only 68 (so close lol) miles on the clock and with the two charging cables (Type 2 and Granny/Slow) along with the cable bag in the wrapping too. Even the infotainment screen was new and had the film protection on it (which I promptly removed with a large grin on my face)

I then got in the car, ensured everything was set to my sitting position and took off to the nearest charger (although it came with 79% charge) so I could test out one of the charge cards. The charger in question was at a BP petrol station (Annoyingly only 2 chargers but one was empty). The charging process was very simple! All I had to do was plug the cable in, scan the card and press start charge, then when I was done I pressed stop charge and again scanned the card.

It is now 15:30 and I have returned home after my short test and I can say overall, so far I am very pleased with the experience Onto has provided and the car is great!

u/MrJackChicMiMoon created a post asking around Onto and thus here is my Day 1 review! I will be providing updates as I go along, likely once a month/30days.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1: Onto car subscription (UK)

  1. I’m in my second month with OnTo ( an ID.4 Pro, which is a typical VW ) whilst I wait delivery of a Mach-E, and have to say, apart from a couple of issues with the cards ( InstaVolt, which turned out to be an issue with InstaVolt chargers that are “run” by ChargePoint, and BP Pulse claiming the card isn’t authorised, which isn’t too much of an issue, as those chargers are few and far between where I am ), the experience has been great.

  2. Nice! I like the idea of Onto but it’s about the same price as other rental/Hire purchase schemes so not worth it in the long run. What I think it might be handy for is renting a few cars for a while and seeing what one(s) you like and then buying the one you like most.

  3. I’ve been with Onto for almsot 9 months.
    Couple things you should know, they dont pay for parking, if they book your car in for a service or repairs w/e – Peugeot will give you any car. In my case was kinda annoying because of I live in London and congestion charge.

    The UI and the touch crap for the fans/ heating etc is the worst thing about that car.

  4. I’m generally pretty happy with Onto, except we had a weird situation with a puncture when out and about. Called Onto on the usual number, got put through to the RAC, who denied point blank that the car was covered (which it is, as part of the monthly fee) and then tried to get us to pay to join the RAC!

    Also – as part of the same drama – had to deal a lot with the Onto “tyre department” who were cited by the main Onto call centre as experts in all matters to do with tyres, but who actually described themselves as “just a booking service” and knew less about tyres than I did.

    Bizarrely, when I was booking a new tyre, Onto asked me to tell them what size tyres were on the car, even though it’s their car and brand new.

    I think it’s a great service but their internal comms need some work.

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