Diversity at EA chargers (this is the future)

Diversity at EA chargers (this is the future)


Lightning, E-Transit (two others waiting), Hummer, Rivian R1T, Mach-E GTPE (mine), ID.4, EV6 (after ID.4 left)

Only one broken charger too!

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29 thoughts on “Diversity at EA chargers (this is the future)

  1. I’m not sure why Walmart keeps wanting to charge their E-Transit vans at EA stations (likely in Walmart parking lots). For *most* delivery runs, they shouldn’t need DC fast charging. They should install high capacity (11 kW) AC chargers to park and charge overnight.

  2. As a Tesla owner I love to see all these different EVs.

    Here in Denmark we have Clever Fast charging stations, some of them quite large, and you see 10s of different EV models charging at the same time. It’s soo cool.

  3. Is this in Florida? See lots of Florida plates except the lighting which has Colorado. Doesn’t surprise me that a Lightning is on a road trip (seems pretty common on YT and Reddit, or maybe I’m just biased as my own lighting is 1500 miles from home.)

  4. It’s so nice to see the all the types of different EVs that are available in the market now! Cars for every need.

    I am side-eying the delivery van that pulled front-first into the space, though. For a big vehicle like that, it’s tough to back out safely. Though it might have been necessary if the space was very tight.

  5. If Sonic was smart, they’d put L3 chargers in their parking bays. Have the car hops come out and plug you in while you peruse the menu. Grab a shake while you wait. Maybe get some of that BBB money to help install the EV upgrades.

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