Earlier today, Dodge unveiled their line of 2014 SEMA projects, including the Challenger T/A concept. While Dodge is adamant that this product is a concept and only what they would build if they could be bothered to build a Challenger T/A, based on inspection it is quite a complete vehicle. Here’s some of the important details about the potential Boss 302 and Camaro Z/28 fighter.

Engine and intake from Challenger T/A SEMA concept.

The Challenger T/A uses the 392 engine from the Challenger Scat Pack and SRT 392, but there’s a twist. Attached to the top is a Mopar-branded Shaker intake. Instead of popping up through the hood like on the Challenger R/T Shaker, the intake sits behind the hood scoop from a standard SRT 392 hood. The SRT hood wasn’t modified at all for this application.

The rear seats have been deleted, and the front seats are replaced with a more track-focused unit. A roll bar also holds the racing harness belts. A pistol-type shifter replaces the standard manual ball, and white-faced gauges replace the black ones in the instrument cluster.

Interior from the Challenger T/A SEMA concept.

Even though Dodge is clearly trying to reduce weight with this version of the car, the factory sunroof surprisingly remains. A black SRT hood offsets the Sublime pearl coat paint. Black T/A stripes line the side of the car. Overall, the package looks good. It has a mix of some of the best functional bits from the Challenger line. What we also liked seeing was the use of Pirelli Trofeo R tires to keep the car glued to the track.

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If you’re going to SEMA, be sure to check it out at the Mopar display. It’ll be one of the many vehicles they’ll have. Maybe if we ask really, really nicely they’ll even put it into production?

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