does anyone have any experience with grizzl-e chargers?

does anyone have any experience with grizzl-e chargers?

does anyone have any experience with grizzl-e chargers?

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25 thoughts on “does anyone have any experience with grizzl-e chargers?

  1. They make fantastic dumb EVSEs. The kind that are well built and will work for years and do nothing but supply power to your car. Mine just ticked over 2 years of outdoor use in temperatures ranging from 0 to 100 F, rain, snow, hail, etc and not a problem with it.

    I have no experience with their smart units.

  2. Grizzl-E is considered one of the best brands for dumb EV charging stations (ClipperCreek is by far the best, but Grizzl-E is pretty good).

    Lately there have been some reports of them failing due to loose internal connections, so it might be a good idea to open it up and make sure all connections are secure, but other than that they are pretty good.

  3. When the heck is their “Mini” charger coming!? It’s been “available soon” for over a year.

    I know a lot of people poop on Juicebox but mine has been great for 2 years now, and they have top notch support. I’ve heard about some Grizzl-e issues like the J1772 plug now inserting properly. Still interested in the Mini though.

  4. They look and feel tough, but I would not buy another. Originally purchased smart version and it was extremely buggy. When configured to connect to the internet, it won’t charge if router reboots for whatever reason (charger doesn’t require internet access to charge). Took months of back/forth until they acknowledge issue. Charging also slowed down to 1-2KW when cold (25F). Swapped it for regular version which so far is working.

  5. I have had mine for 2 years now and it has been great, no issues. Even better is their customer support, they called me inform me of a problem before I even realized there was one. For a moment I though I was being scammed or something.

  6. Absolutely love mine. Had it hardwired and have no problems. Electrician checked the torque on the internal connections while he was doing the job just in case the factory didn’t properly screw them down.

    Just don’t get a smart unit. They still seem buggy.

  7. I have a dumb Grizzl-e duo, the one with double plugs, mounted outdoors, hardwired. Works great, would buy again.

    My brother has a smart Grizzl-e, says that the smart app sucks & alternate apps suck too, so he turned off wifi settings. Still thinks the Grizzl-e works great, but would buy the dumb model if he could do it over, since he’s using it as a dumb charger.

  8. Good charger from my experience but I absolutely hate how it doesn’t keep track of the power delivered or the rate it delivers it. It would probably add only a few bucks onto the cost but it would be a very useful feature.

  9. Just another rando on Reddit, but my experience has been lacking.

    I ordered a Classic ~3 weeks ago direct from United Chargers. Shipped in a day. Received it 2 days later, but unit is DOA. LED illuminates solid blue but will not charge when connected. Neither my car nor a neighbor’s.

    Submitted a support ticket, took them 3 days to respond with “sounds like pilot connection isn’t working. we will send a replacement”. A week later and nothing, I called but number went straight to voicemail. Two days later I finally talked to someone, “so sorry, we’ve had a backlog of orders and returns lately. We ship replacement today or tomorrow”.

    Now it’s another week later, still no replacement.

    I understand the post Covid world we live in. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s a bit frustrating.

    I’m glad others have had good luck with them. I have not.

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