Don’t expect EV prices to get any cheaper until battery costs come down.

Don’t expect EV prices to get any cheaper until battery costs come down.

Don’t expect EV prices to get any cheaper until battery costs come down.

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18 thoughts on “Don’t expect EV prices to get any cheaper until battery costs come down.

  1. The Mobile Charging Cart is wireless and stores electricity in the battery, allowing the device to freely move to various locations, creating more mobility and accessibility for all EV’s and provides a solution to charging in restrictive areas. #Datametrex #EnergyEfficiency

  2. Not really, cheaper battery is one way, but there are other ways, in which car prices can get down:

    – Tehnology and infrastructure which allows for very fast charging. If you know you can charge with 350kW and that there are such stations within 50 km on any road, you can more easily accept a lower capacity battery such as a 45kW.

    – New battery technology, not necesarily for EV, but for grid, home battery bank, offgrid usage, charging stations, etc. If other battery tech will be used for other applications, demand for li-ion will drop, prices for ev batteries will drop.

    – Related somehow to above points, but new battery tech for EV, such as Na-Ion. Yes its not as good, but its very close to mass production, and it is significantly cheaper, no lithium, cobalt, just salt and aluminium. Even if both weight and volumetric density is much worse, i’m pretty sure they can fit a 50kW Na battery instead of an 80 kW li battery, which could be a good entry level for a cheaper EV.

  3. Battery costs aren’t the issue (they have been droppoing even though raw material prices have gone up). It’s supply and demand of cars. As long as demand stays very high there’s no reason to drop prices.

  4. The problem is not with EVs, it’s with the Auto Industry. NO OEM wants to be the market leader of cheap (affordable) cars. The industry is largely moving to a model where if you cannot afford a new vehicle, then buy a 3-5 year old one. GM, Ford and Chrysler (Stellantis) have given up on affordable small cars. Tesla realized that they are a Premium Brand and stopped selling the $35k Model 3.

  5. It’s purely a matter of energy density. Right now lithium ion batteries kind of suck at how much energy they can store per unit of mass



    46 mj/kg for gasoline.

    Meaning to capture the same amount of energy you need 52x the mass for the lithium ion.

    Which is why electric vehicles tend to be extremely heavy (for cars)

    The advantage however is a much greater percentage of stored engery goes into forward motion in an electric car than a gas powered car

    But tldr don’t expect a significant price drop until you start seeing energy density on lithium batteries getting better and cheaper

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